May 09, 2004

Andy Kaufman: Dead or Alive? The Associated Press and the Newspaper Network of Central Ohio bring you this news of a welcome back party scheduled for Andy Kaufman next Sunday, just in case he was faking it. If you don't know who Andy is/was, go out and rent yourself the movie: Man on the Moon, starring Jim Carrey. The movie is an external biographical account of the comics life, and covers pretty much everything the public knows about Andy. Unfortunately for the world, lung cancer took "Latka Gravis" away from us twenty years ago. Before dying, Andy promised that if he were faking his death, he'd resurface in twenty years. So, next Sunday his manager is going to hold a bash just in case.

Having been blessed with watching "Taxi" in the 80's, and having appreciated much of his work, I can tell you that I'll be keeping an ear out to hear how the party turns out. At the same time, I woulnd't expect anything, although if I was Bob Zmuda, I'd have done the same thing. Cheers to you, Bob, for keeping the dream alive. But if our boy doesn't show, let's not keep him going as long as Elvis, alright?

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