May 05, 2004

From the Dumb Crooks Department comes this article: / News / Odds & ends / Computer glitch gives out free gasoline: "They discovered that because of a computer glitch they could swipe their drivers' licenses instead of credit cards to gas up for free at the pumps outside the Meijer chain" - Now, this can't be a good idea, can it? I mean - if you swipe your license, you're giving your information to the chain, and they can track you down and be punished, right. Well, it looks like 107 people did not figure out that there might be just such a consequence, and the police ARE hunting them down. The scary thing is that many of these 107 were college students. That's right, people supposedly intelligent enough to go on to a higher education stole gas from a gas station, and swiped their personal identification into the computer so that they could be readily identified. I don't even need to add a personal comment to that. It practically stands on its own.

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