February 14, 2005

Does stuff like this make you jealous? Why must we be stuck with average intellect? Why can we not key into what creates these abnormalities and train our own minds to follow after them? A 3-year old in Mensa - He is able to process information so quickly that in a few years, he'll likely have more knowledge than any of us reading this page... I've always felt competitive about the ability to quickly gain knowledge. It was the one thing that I could always delight in. Even for its own sake, with no applicability, knowledge has always been the one thing that I lust after, which is why I enjoy the ever-changing field of Information Technology. I'm so jealous of this kid. I can only hope that he uses his abilities to better mankind. Openly, I admit that bit of ego that I believe that I would use such skill more wisely.
Feelings of mortality and age overwhelm me. Reading about such a thing can almost bring me to feelings of depression, knowing that I will never be able to match the capabilities of this boy. Instead, I find myself less and less capable each day, having already peaked and begun the downward slide that will end in senility. Father Time, though art the cruelest of the gods.

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