February 18, 2005

I used to be an administrator at a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) called Fox MUD. It's a network server program written in C that allows many people to log in and play a Role Playing Game (RPG) in text mode. Part Zork, part Everquest, it is probably one of the most addictive things invented on the Internet next to the World Wide Web. I gave up admining at Fox because it was affecting my school-work, and it faded away due to low popularity and a waning administration.
Another admin and I have started looking for our old backups of the MUD to perhaps bring it online again, just as a hobby/project. I know there were one or two things I wanted to try my hand at, such as interprocess communication, and exec'ing shells off the game to start child programs, funneling the input/output streams to the game....
I found a backup from 2002, but I'm working on getting one more recent than that. Wish me luck.

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