February 17, 2005

A news-worthy footnote: Buried within a news article regarding Israelite preparation for pulling out of the Gaza Strip, there was a secondary news item. It said that an army investigative team has recommended that Israel change its policy of demolishing the homes of the families of suicide bombers, because it believes that this action is only inciting them to more violence. Um.... duh?! It took an investigative team to figure out that class punishment only incites more rebellion? Granted, the shitty thing about suicide bombers is that you can't punish the assholes - they're already dead. But punishing their families won't bring them over to your way of thinking. That was just an assinine policy, my friends. The only way to punish suicide bombers is to ensure that they are not treated as heroes. To make them a martyr against viewed evil is to incite more to join their ranks. Turning the other cheek is not an act of cowardice, but the act of ignoring the actions of others who do not qualify for your consideration. The war of words is sometimes more powerful than the war of guns. I wish Ghandi were here.
The article said that Israel has destroyed 666 homes of Palestinian families, and that now they're going to stop. Well, here come the biblical prophets!!! Anyone who doesn't recognize this number from the Revelation of John? Does anyone think they stopped at this number on purpose? Perhaps some journalist is playing a joke on us? I'm almost tempted to write Sharon a letter asking that he destroy just one more house so that the number won't hang over their heads for the world to over-analyze.

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