February 12, 2005

Well, looks like my transition is complete. I'll be making changes to some of the pages in the site, but not much will change on the main (blog) page. I may try my hand at some ASP.NET now that I have access to this, and that may change my slideshow page, and my Chess Games page. It may make for more notes pages, as well, with topics and comments stored in a database and with easy access for me to add stuff that I learn (like 802.11n should be added to my wireless notes page [see left] but I haven't had the motivation.)
Some work remains on getting Tripod pages out of Google and these pages into Google. I don't own the rgautier.tripod.com sub-domain [duh!] so I can't post a 301 permanent redirect on it, and of course Tripod won't be doing that anytime soon. Hopefully Google re-walks my site under the new domain name. I added links on all the old pages to here (thank god for templated pages, eh?), so Google might pick up on the recurring link and go ahead and walk me...one can only hope.

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