February 13, 2005

My first ASP.NET Application: Well, GoDaddy offers SQL and ASP.NET, so I started playing with it last night - my first ASP.NET application is up here and will evolve as I do. Right now it connects to a database, offers a pull down box, and changes the image based on which one you choose. I haven't thought of what I want to do with this, but suggestions are welcome, just email me.
The only problem with developing the ASP.NET app is that I can't access the SQL server from outside of where the server is located, so I can't use the visual development tool in Visual Studio .NET to define the Connection object. For some reason, it won't let you set up a Connection object with the designer unless it can validate the connection. VStudio needs to be smarter and allow you to use the Connection designer with data that it can't verify. Tsk, oh well. I just hand-coded the connection object and it's working fine.

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