April 03, 2005

Free Money at Greenzap!

Remember when you signed up for Paypal and they gave you free money? Well, there' a new money by email service starting up on the web - Greenzap. You can pre-register now, but you'll need a pre-registration code. The code word is 'randomblings'. If you click on that link there, it'll pre-fill it in for you. Where else can you get $25 for free? The days of free money may be coming back to the 'net. Get yours NOW before the companies go bust again ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmmm but is there a catch?? I suppose I'll have to check it out to see. Afterall, I seem to be a sucker for the free... I've had my free iPod link up for a loooooong time. lol