April 24, 2005

My Baby's Back!

My Canon Rebel came back from the factory. She's had the main PCBoard Assembly replaced in the unit. The camera is working now, although one of my lenses pooped out (the Quantary 28-80mm lens). It's got a 5-year warranty, and I still have the receipt and warranty info for it, so I'll be sending it in for repair (the zoom ring doesn't work - it's stuck at 28mm). Yellow/Red Tulip
Here is a tulip from my front yard taken with that very lens. This is about the last picture the lens took before she died on me. I can't imagine WHY it's doing this to me....sigh.


Anonymous said...

Hello there!
I was sent here via BlogXchng.
Love that picture...!
You take beautiful pictures!
I wish I had a camera that could take some pictures like that. :-(
Keep up the great work. I'd love to see more pics like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi. :)I'm here via BlogXchng. I love the picture of the tulip. I enjoy a bit of photography myself but my camera is surely lacking. :) groovebunny

Jillyvanilli said...

What a beautiful picture.