April 19, 2005

Ho Hum

Spring is here - and it's beautiful outside. I can't wait to get my camera back from Canon's service center....soon, soon... When I do, I'm going to take out a rider on my homeowner's policy on it. Looks like it's about $14 a year to protect a $900 investment against loss and theft. Considering how much I use my camera and how much I miss having it, that might be some cheap insurance.....
Well, not much else is going on - I've been playing plenty of chess in my spare time - trying to deepen my book knowledge, and get over some of my weaknesses as a player. Not very exciting for the reader, to be sure. Soon I'll have to hang up the chess pieces at least temporarily in favor of my golf clubs. Now, I'm no golfer, to be sure (I'd be lucky to actually shoot a hole in under 10, even a par 3), but I like to go out anyway and enjoy the day.

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