April 15, 2005

SurfJunky Update III - Eternal Optimist

Color me an eternal optimist. I have left Surf Junky running for pretty much all the time. According to the website, my account has amassed earnings of $282.19. Today is April 15th, their own promised pay-by date via Paypal. Do I plan on getting paid? not really. Deep down I understand that the economic reality of the site is that it can't be true. Personal EarningsActivity
Points: 318
Payment rate: $0.6 per hour
Hours spent surfing: 557.60
Your earnings: $282.19
On the other hand, I've not suffered any loss by using the site, and the miniscule chance that they may actually pay out this month (their second month in full operation) is such that the eternal hopeful in me keeps checking my Paypal account. I figure I'll give up on checking for any money in a few days. Until then, paint me with that 'sucker' brush you've got in your hand. So many people on the Internet have said this is a scam that I don't understand why the site is still there. With this kind of money owed me, I can imagine someone with nothing better to do bringing it to small claims court for judgement against the site owner. From what I understand of them, though, they're probably used to that and don't care.


Josh said...

Let me know if they actually pay you ;)

Anonymous said...

you got money from surfjunky or not...even now i earned $50 thismonth...wont i get money or it is a cheat?

Rich Gautier said...

Of course I never got paid. No one ever got paid. (In a later blog post, I mention this, I believe.)

As I said in the blog post, I never really planned on getting paid anyway.