April 06, 2005

GreenZAP growing pains

Remember signing up for Paypal, not believing you'd ever collect your $25? Well, a new competitor has sprung up calling itself GreenZAP (get it, ZAP some green, whatever...obvious). Well, their site is having problems serving up content. If you want your free money, just click here to pre-register. They're not asking for any private info yet, so no harm done (unless you're not already a recipient of massive amounts of SPAM and they just want your email)... Since I already get 1000's of SPAM messages, I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.
They sent out an email warning of their growing pains on their network. I can imagine - give away free money, invite lots of web traffic...again, watever...obvious. The 'invite' word you need to sign up is 'randomblings'. Benefits for signing up others with your own made up keyword.

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