April 27, 2011

The adventures of a new Mac user - Part I

Today, I purchased on open-box Mac Mini. I have never owned a Mac. I am, however, an experienced computer user. I have used, at one time or another, many operating systems from the Timex Sinclair and the TRS-80's OS to the Windows and Linux(es) of today. So, I am unafraid of different experiences. And for one use case that has been itching in my mind, I need a Mac to do it right. That use case, my friends, is iPad development.

Now, it has been a long time since I have really slung code. My last real coding (aside from some VB automation inside Office) was C code development for a MUD (one of those text games that no one plays anymore, but a few sick and devoted people still play). [FoxMUD if you care to check it out.] Any-who - the development itch is one that never really goes away, and in my current role as Enterprise Architect, I don't get to do much coding. I'm more concerned with processes, products, alignments to reference models and trying to make sure I stay ahead of the customer in the daily fire drill. So, last night I watched "The Social Network" and the itch started up again - poor Mark Zuckerberg - so misunderstood. To hell with being rich - it's not the money - it's the idea of doing something REALLY FUCKING COOL...that's what I miss about programming - doing something no one's done before with a piece of code. Introducing new capabilities in software and having the users go 'oooh, ahhh' and 'Can you make it do this....too?'

Well, as those of you who know me, know....I have a new iPad 2. And it has some apps that I like, and others I think can be improved on. And I'm impulsive...and the mac mini was on sale because it was an open box...and here I am writing this first blog post. I'm going to write about my experience changing over to the Mac OS, and my foray(s) into xCode.

So, Day 1 - Realize that the open/close window buttons are on the left, not the right. Also, pushing the red 'X' doesn't actually QUIT the application - had to restart Safari to install Flash (GOTTA HAVE MY CITYVILLE FIX) and closing it/opening it didn't work after installing the plug-in.

Am using a two-button/scrolling mouse - my favorite one - don't judge - Apple purists will tell me that it's a crutch - but I still have to use two-button mice all day long, so this will ease the transition - besides - this way I don't have to buy a second mouse - I just reuse what I've got for my laptop.

After installing Safari, was suffering from seizures due to the monitor flicker - looked up in Help how to change Display Settings - STILL have no idea how to get to Displays preferences through any normal means - because I just opened it straight from the Help - have seen this in Windows Vista help too - and I thank whoever invented the Application shortcuts built into help files....changed monitor to 1080p instead of 1080i and flicker is GRATEFULLY gone.

Next step will be to fully register for Apple Developer and get xCode....will blog later.

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