April 27, 2011

The Mac Adventure - installing XCode

Ok, so the XCode installation package was on the DVD under Optional Installs - installing it now but I also expect to have to upgrade it on first run. Need to figure out how to download the iPad SDK to get started without having to pay for the iOS Developer package - will pay when I'm ready to test my first app on-device. Hrm, XCode started up - going to walk through the Tutorial for workflow now.

Also, changed the damn mouse speed - This monitor is fucking HUGE when you're scrolling across it. I have a 24" 1920x1080 HDMI monitor I got for $160 at Best Buy (another open box - never buy anything new if you don't have to - saved $30 and it has maybe 2 rub/scratches in the finish that I'll never see without looking for them)

XCode appears to be version 3.2 - not only out of date for the 3.x line - but version 4 is also out - downloading and installing from the App Store now - paid the $4.99 for the new version - but it's taking its good sweet time - I understand it to be several GB in size - so this could indeed take a while. Main complaint of people is that the whole thing has to be downloaded every update and that it's a slow download. That's something Apple needs to fix. There should be some patch download capability - and maybe even some P2P - I have a pretty fast connection and it's crawling.. At this rate, I won't be up and coding tonight unless I want to use the older version already installed.

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