April 01, 2011

There are certain foods....

There are certain foods in the American culinary lexicon that seem to defy the idea that foods are created by artistic minds, unless one considers the seedier side of the artistic world as a valid source of creation vision. As I purchase breakfast this morning, which includes a 'yogurt muffin' that I normally obtain, I stopped to think about just what yogurt is - a sort of curdled milk product (yes, I KNOW there's more to it than that). But even if that were not a strong enough case to be made that some foodies must in fact be engineers instead of artists, I am given to think of Blue Cheese dressing, foie gras and even haggis. This last one I'm sure we could argue is NOT in the American culinary lexicon at all, but is in fact only closely related by the unity of Britain and Scotland and their lingual and historical relationship to Americans. No one wants to get too close to the haggis, after all. Just a passing thought.

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