April 27, 2011

The Mac adventure - continued

Using Safari just now - realized suddenly that there were no tabs button - how the hell do you open another tab? A quick Google search shows me just where to go - whatever did we do before the hive-mind that is the indexed Internet?

Just tried to pay my Gas bill at Washington Gas's online service center - a nobrainer for all browsers on the Windows framework - but apparently Mac users are left out in the cold - downloading Chrome for Mac now....

Day...saved. Paid my gas bill with my mac - was booting up the PC just in case I didn't get it working, but I'm going to shut it off again - try to stay committed.

Silly developer - just found the system settings staring me in the face on the bottom task bar right next to where Chrome stuck its' shortcut. The display settings were right there. Yes, it will take a while to get used to all of this. Next question, do I buy xCode for 4.99 or do I go ahead and bite the bullet for the $99 iOS developer package? Probably going to bite the bullet - amazing what tax return cash does to your financial sensibilities.

Stupid 'End' button on the keyboard doesn't..Mac issue or keyboard issue? As a keyboard junkie - that's going to be ANNOYING!

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