March 09, 2004

Thanks belong to an alert Slashdot reader for pointing out: NASA has just released Ultra Deep Field images, images of (I quote)

The snapshot includes galaxies of various ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. The smallest, reddest galaxies, about 100, may be among the most distant known, existing when the universe was just 800 million years old. The nearest galaxies - the larger, brighter, well-defined spirals and ellipticals - thrived about 1 billion years ago, when the cosmos was 13 billion years old.

This is amazing. This kind of a view of the Universe puts things in real perspective, and will impress upon our children and our educators how important space exploration is to understanding our universe. The image itself is incredibly rich with imagery, and should make us all stop and think. Anyways, go look at the pretty pictures....and judge for yourself whether Hubble is worth saving.

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