March 13, 2004

Today, I used an open-source (that's free for you n00bs!) audio capture and editing tool today to capture cassette tapes to my computer, preparing them to be written to CD. The tool is called Audacity, it's a SourceForge project. SourceForge is where programmers start projects that allow other programmers to help out with coding, testing, debugging and advising on their projects. It's a great place to pick up software that has been offered up under free for use licensing. The tool was great. It was simple to use and worked on a fairly slow PC (233 P2 w/128MB RAM) without a hitch. Editing and exporting to a wave file worked just fine, and without any need to go to the help files. I even tried some noise reduction with the tool. Of course, my abilities need some fine-tuning when it comes to using the tool properly for sophisticated editing.

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