March 10, 2004

The weight is down to 210.0 this morning after 210.2 yesterday. That makes the same weight two days in a row, or an OFFICIAL 20 pound loss so far following the Atkins diet. I still haven't bothered to exercise, but as the spring comes into its own I may pump up the bicycle tires and go for a spin a few times a week. If you don't know, I started dieting on Dec 28th. So, 2 months and a week to lose this weight. The first 10 pounds went quickly, and it's been slow since then. However, over the past two weeks, I've consistently lost, so I feel like I'm picking up steam again. My target is 175 by summer, which may require some work on my part (burning more calories), but even if I make it to 190 I will be happy. At 6' 1" anything below 190 would probably be considered a healthy weight. If I put on some additional muscle tone, it will probably be best.

One thing that I believe has helped me to restart the weight loss is the addition of caffeine to the diet. Not a lot, but I allow myself a 20 oz of Diet Pepsi each morning with breakfast. It gives my body the wake up kick, and I think it's kickstarting my metabolism. After that, it's water for the rest of the day. If you're on Atkins, you'll want to make the choice for yourself, but whatever you do, take everything in moderation. This advice comes from someone who was drinking practically a 6 pack a day of non-diet colas.

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