March 27, 2004

There has to be a word for, professional jealousy, or professional wanna-be-ism. I'd be interested to know if other professionals, like lawyers, doctors and such experience the same problem. Why do people who cannot understand basic programming concepts attempt to write complex computer programs? I don't go around performing brain surgery on people....or defending people in a court of law. I'd be sued for malpractice, or worse, end up killing someone.
Yet, when I join a chat room, inevitably, I am asked to help someone with a programming issue. And it's never a SIMPLE programming issue. It seems to be one like: Can you teach me how to program in ASP.NET, so that I can do my Master's Thesis on Elliptical Encryption Protocol? :sigh: All I can do is refer these people to the MYRIAD of free programming websites that will teach them the language - like W3School

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