February 23, 2005

You know - the moon is an ugly thing when viewed close up. I took this picture at 1/1250 shutter with a 300mm tele (off-hand) - F/5.6 with the camera set to ISO 400 - cropped out all the black sky to make the photo 640x480. (Click for full size)
Moon picture


Anonymous said...

The moon is always beautiful, but I'm a Cancer and the first astronauts to land on it, landed on it on my birthday. So we have a special relationship.

My blog is under constant construction. Think that's a great thing.

Thanks for visiting my blog; I'll be back

Rich Gautier said...

You're welcome - of course I'll be back at yours too - thanks to BlogClicker. I like it - it creates a community..

cass said...

Nice Pic. :)