April 10, 2005

Signs of Spring

Lawnmowers humming, callouses growing, dirt under your fingernails, birds nesting in your mini-evergreens, hornets nests to clean out from under your oven vent. A deck to powerwash and paint and outside trim cracking off the house. A garage door that needs repairing, a carpet needing replacing, last year's garden turned to weed.

Ah, but the cut grass smells sweet, and now that the weeds have been pulled, the garden looks primed and ready for new plantings. The painters have come and powerwashed the deck, and tomorrow they'll sand, prime and paint the trim, sealing the deck on Wednesday. We've already held our first barbecue, and I just know the neighbors will be next. With the IRS savings plan, I may have enough this year to replace the carpet on the main level with oak hardwood flooring and an overlay carpet.. Perhaps I'll paint first...perhaps I won't do any of it..

1 comment:

dom said...

Lucky you to have a garden.. us with appartments can but dream.
Having said that, I did trim my pot plant grass today! ( NO NOT that grass! ) I meant lawn grass.. it musta been dropped by birds or something. I use scissors lol ... no need for a loud mower on my expansive 4in diameter plot!