August 11, 2000

Fantastic! I just got rid of the IFRAME on this site to make it Netscape compatible! The information I ended up needing was in Table 1 of THIS ARTICLE from WebTechniques. One great thing about this is that I don't have to put frame references in my links any more. I am using Blogger to continually update my site and while it's easy to creat hyperlinks, I kept having to edit them and add target="_parent" tag properties in all of them so that it would break out of the frame when going to the link. Now, I'm using a defined cell size to format my web page, and using a server-side inclusion of the blogger html file. The other advantage is that IFRAME was requiring a HEIGHT property, which would either be too big (giving lots of whitespace to the bottom of my web page) or too small, necessitating a scroll bar in the cell (very ugly, I assure you).
Well, enough about programming..back to the salt mines.

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