August 12, 2000

I picked up a new magazine tonight on my way home from work. It's called Time digital. The publication peaked my interest because of an article on Virus Hunters. The article was an interesting discussion about updates on virus protection technology and where virus protection folks are trying to take us in the future. A lot of the articles in the magazine were geared toward people with technical know-how, which is just perfect for me. I've noticed that most news outlets are geared toward the computer novice, and I rarely find value in reading beyond the headlines in most newspapers and magazines. The articles in this magazine seem to be written toward techies, but not as in-depth as what you might see in Wired magazine, which is another favorite read of mine. For those of you out there with any PC knowledge at all, it's a nice read. Although if you want to be truly on the edge, I still have to recommend Wired. Still, there's no reason you can't read them both.
Anyway, it's late..I'm off to later.

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