August 14, 2000

OK, I admit it, I get hooked. Hooked on Bingo, Lotto and other games of chance. On the Internet, gambling with real money seems kind of pointless to me. When there are so many places to go to win money without any stake. Well, ok, no monetary stake. All they want is your time and eyes, so they can burn brands into your brain. I figure that if I'm going to watch TV and have brands pushed at me anyway, I may as well play Bingo at the same time. The odds are unbelievably against you in Bingo and Lotto, but people do win. With the way I play Blackjack, I wouldn't want to put my money on the table anyway. This way, if I do get too involved playing Blackjack, I don't lose anything but the time I spent playing it. And if you're going to play, there's no way around that unless you hire a robot to play for ya! With the myriad of Lotto games on the 'net', you could just pick the same numbers in all of them every day and just wait till you win 1,5 or 10 million bucks. Don't hold your breath, though..

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