August 23, 2000

I walked through my new house yesterday in a pre-drywall walkthrough. Basically making sure they put in cable, telephone and ceiling lights that I had ordered extra. I spoke with the construction supervisor about putting in Ethernet connections, and he said if I put them in that he wouldn't go ripping them out. So last night, Rich's Midnight Wiring Service went in and put 3 Ethernet drops in all running to a 4th block downstairs. I put one in the master bedroom, one in the kid's bedroom, one in the sunroom off the kitchen, and the 4th block in the extra space off the den downstairs. I wanted to do more, but it got dark and the first drop took us longer than I expected. Considering that their wiring people wanted a few thousand just to do 4 drops, I figure I got a deal doing it myself.
I get two answers from the people as far as move dates, so I'm trying to nail them down to giving me a more firm date. If you've got any advice, let me know..I could use it.

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