August 12, 2000

Home from Kings Dominion. We spent about 5 hours there, most of it in the water park. Getting old does something to your enjoyment of a place like that. I used to 'have' to ride every thrill ride, and I wouldn't mind spending an hour in a line to do so. But I just don't feel that way any more. Speaking of monopolies, though (I know I wasn't..but now I am..), they charge $2.50 for a 20-oz soda in the park, and $2.75 for a 20-oz bottle of chilled spring water. I'm glad we didn't eat in the park as well! I couldn't help but mutter 'thief' under my breath when the vendor said "Thank you very much" as I paid him for the bottled water and soda. As I searched the Internet this morning for restaurants near the theme park, I noted only one within 6 miles range. It's unbelievable how they get you! If you do decide to leave for mid-visit meal, they make sure you have to drive 12 miles round-trip unless you eat at the Burger King just outside the gate! At today's gas prices, that's $1.50 in gas alone! Plus the hassle of riding the Interstate to Ashland and back to the park. It makes me wonder how much that Burger King owner had to pay for the priviledge of opening up his restaurant right off Theme Park Way.
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