March 13, 2005

Blogger Is Getting On My Nerves

Blogger is really pissing me off lately. All this weekend, posting on Blogger has been like a lottery. You put together your post and hit the publish button. If you win the lottery, your post gets published on your blog. If you lose the lottery, your post goes into the Ether, never to be seen again (unless you hit the back button and cut and paste it into a more stable program, e.g. Notepad). I've wanted to try to play with the image posts I've been making lately to try to wrap text around the pics, etc...but I can't even get Blogger to behave enough to simply make a post, much less know what it's published or not. I've even seen some blogs where Blogger is posting 3 times, probably because their redirection code is screwed up, but the script is going ahead anyway.


M said...

Blogger has become a painful experience! I have been typing out my posts in MS Word or Notepad before pasting it onto Blogger...saves me the trouble of trying to remember and type it all out again. Frustrating all the same.

Bonez said...

I feel your pain and am at odds on what to do about it. Moving to another free blog site seems out of the question when I consider the amount of work and relinking involved. I lost a lot of work since last Thursday and it even crashed once while I was editing my template and corrupted my whole blog. Wouldn't load in IE for three days until I rewrote all the CSS.