March 07, 2005

Here we go again. For those of you who have been on the Internet long enough - Pay for Surfing is back. There is a service called Surf Junky making the rounds that will potentially pay you 45 cents an hour to leave a browser running on your computer. It's fairly obtrusive, but if you have two monitors (or two computers!) and frequently don't need the screen real estate, you can still work while ads scroll on your second screen. I've signed up and so far, my computer has supposedly earned $17+. Now to see if they end up actually paying me. Surf Junky may be old news already, but there's plenty of buzz about them already. They've already denied users of the Firefox browser access to their service because of the many plugin capabilities of the browser and the ability to use them to cheat the system into believing you are there when you're not. The way they did this was to turn off those accounts, with money in them, no less - raising the hackles of a large community of people yelling 'Scam!'. I'll report on what happens with my account right here on Randomblings, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll let you know when I bypass the $25 mark (sign up under my referral link if you want to help me get there quickly) and I'll let you know when or if I ever get paid via Paypal.

UPDATE: My Surf Junky total passed $25 today (3/8/2005). I have not used Firefox or cheated in any way. I'm going to leave it running until their 'payday'. Here are the current stats as of 12:55 EST:
Personal Earnings

Activity Points: 33
Payment rate: $0.45 per hour
Hours spent surfing: 55.64

Your earnings: $25.04

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck. I was around during the first go at these, I joined them all. And did not see one red cent. I hope you do better than I did.