March 07, 2005

In Other News: Got my butt handed to me during lunch today. A coworker and I play chess at lunch. He beat me hands down 2-0. Since I've been spending more time on HTML and div tags than studying/practicing chess, I'm beginning to lose the edge I had on him that was keeping us even. I'm going to have to buckle down and study if I want to win. Time to go check out the current version of Chess Position Trainer. That's a completely free practice tool for studying your repertoires and practicing against known positions. It's good software, and if you play chess, you should be using it.
If you haven't already - check out the 'What is this' contest two blog entries down - no one has gotten it yet ;)


Anonymous said...

Did you ever get paid by them?

Rich Gautier said...

No. Of course not....they're always a sham....always.