March 16, 2005

A Rousing Read

I finished reading American Roulette. If you like reading first-hand accounts of criminal enterprises or books about con games and/or con men, this book is one for you. The book has only one slightly boring chapter, when the author goes back in time to look at the origins of their con games. Apart from that chapter, the book is engrossing and pulls the reader gently through the book. The only thing that I found irritating about the book is that the author doesn't show any particularly redeeming qualities. There's nothing in the book that would bring you over to his side and after reading the book, you may find yourself wondering just what makes him so special that he should be able to get away with cheating the casino for 25 years when you can't even exceed the speed limit once without getting a ticket. I'm a fan of crime non-fiction and con man stories because I like learning about the cons themselves. I'm a bit of a puzzle freak, so getting raw information like that is enjoyable for me.
Next on my list is Shadow Counter. I finished Chapter 1, and it seems to be an interesting story about a blackjack card counter. It's an older book that I've just never gotten around to reading. We'll see how it goes, and if it has enough raw information in it to keep me aroused (no pun intended here, but feel free to write your own joke).

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