March 29, 2005

Everything is the Same

It all runs together after a while. Especially after 38 years, and I suspect it'll run together even more as I get older. When I go to the movies, it is rare there is anything new or unexpected in the plotlines. When I listen to music, it is very rare that I hear anything truly unique. As I read other's blogs on the 'net, they all begin to look the same.
People all shop at Walmart, Sears or Kohls for their clothes. Men's suits and slacks all look alike. Even bikinis are all extremely similar, and I'm beginning to wonder about my sanity because even the bikini fillers are all the same ole thing.
Perhaps I have an innate need for new things because of my desire to always be learning something new. The world isn't so much letting me down as it is pandering to the young blood. Everything old is new again - to them, the next generation. Meanwhile we old people have seen it all before. My son, now 11, is ga-ga over Metallica and Black Sabbath songs from the 1970's era. To him, this stuff is brand new. He's learning to play electric guitar, and this is just the coolest stuff. To me, it's nostalgic.
If you're reading this, I hope I'm not boring you. I know that I can get into a funk and that it rubs off on the blog.....I'm just trying not to feel so old....and I could ramble on for a real long time here....but what's the point? I'm sure if you go back in my 5 years of archives, you'll find a similar rant...there hasn't been anything truly new or interesting since the invention of the World Wide Web.

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Cheryl said...

You are either having a bad case of wet weather, or hitting a depression a la Ecclesiastes 1 V1-11, or you are getting your mid-life crisis, aka the final tantrum before growing up, a couple of years early.
Other than that, cant help you, but yes I have 5 or 6 years on you and I WAS there. Looking at things in a benign, parental way instead of expecting new, new, new really helps :-)