March 15, 2005

From the -Holy Shit, That's Cool- Dept.

From: Wired News: Need a Building? Just Add Water:
Soon, there will be such a method. A pair of engineers in London have come up with a "building in a bag" -- a sack of cement-impregnated fabric. To erect the structure, all you have to do is add water to the bag and inflate it with air. Twelve hours later the Nissen-shaped shelter is dried out and ready for use.

It's nice to know that computer technology is not the only place that people are making strides. There are many, many problems facing our earth, and it's good to know that people are out there in other fields working at solutions. Too often, people think that computers are some kind of magic solution to all of their problems, applicability be damned. Well, computers don't build buildings, well - not yet....

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Aaroncoal said...

Uncle Ben's Building in a boiling bag..Yahoo!