November 09, 2009

Commuting Sucks

Did I mention that commuting sucks? I leave the house and get to work an hour and a half later. Part of my commute is on the metro which, while cleaner than some other cities, is sometimes a pretty smelly endeavour. Most of the time is spent on the train, but I still 'slug' a ride into the city as an HOV extra. This has saved me a good deal of gas money, and makes the commute shorter than it could be. Still, 3 hours of my life just to get to/from work. I've had to cut down on my gym workout just to fit it into my day. And commuting isn't just time, it's boring. If it was at least just one mode of transport, I could sleep..but that's a bad idea when you could miss your stop.

Of course, I've plenty to fill the time with. This blog post is a good example, written on the third leg of today's journey, and posted to my blog via email once we get to a cell coverage metro stop. I also have my CISSP credits to catch up on. At this rate, I'll be ahead of the curve for next year.

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