November 25, 2009

Driving to Work

Begrudgingly, I may have to start driving to work. Even with a wreck on 495 this morning delaying traffic near the interchange, I was still in to work 15 minutes early, and I even stopped at the McDonald's drivethrough for a cup of hot chocolate on my way in. In the rain and the dark and I still shaved a half hour off my commute by driving to work, who'd have thunk? Getting off base yesterday was no big deal either, even though it looks bad as a pedestrian, it added maybe 10 minutes in reality.

Got home and went to the gym yesterday to do my cardio....I'm up to about 370 calories per 30 minutes - working myself a bit harder each week. It's a shame the gym I go to doesn't have punching bags or something besides the leg-based cardio machines. I'd like to mix up the workout a bit - maybe burn some big calories for jumping around. Somewhere in my garage there's a racquetball racquet I should dig out.

I think I may have figured out what I want for Christmas, a Glock 17C. I fired the 19 over the weekend and I wasn't as happy with it as the 17 from the week before. I definitely like feel of firing the 9mm rounds, but the smaller pistol doesn't fill my hands as well. I just need to buy a gun safe for the house, and then I'll probably buy it - even if I decide not to keep it in the long run - the resale value should allow me to save some money at the range on ammunition over the next year.

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