November 08, 2009

Worked on Sunday

It's been a while since I did a weekend system maintenance thing - It's interesting working technical stuff again - I had prepared a script and some patches for a VMWare patch set (VMWare ESX 3.5) to run this weekend, and put them in the /tmp directory on the host. So, I logged in to run the script and 'WTF!!!', the patches and my script were gone....who would have deleted my stuff? I questioned the two suspects that I work with ("Little Red" and "Mr. Laid Back"), but neither of them were the culprit. I had to go and download the patches again and go through and make sure I installed them in the right order (only to mess up the file names while I was doing that, which Red caught for me).

Later I went online and found this post [cached from Google]. For all the things that we know, there is so much in IT that we don't, and it's the details that will get you. Not a big deal this time - just some added time but I'll be changing where I put that script in the future.

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