November 07, 2009

Firing Line

Went to the range today..It was fun teaching my wife and son to shoot. We fired a rental pistol, .22 caliber - just to get familiar with the weapon and the feel of firing a pistol. I'm not bad with a rifle, and this weapon is not much different. The pistol sights were badly off. I had fairly good grouping, even out at 20 yards, but the left-right sight adjustment needed to be tuned, A LOT! Rather than adjust it, we lived with it and just aimed left, but at 20 yards, I was aiming completely off-target just to hit the center of mass.

I also shake badly. With a pistol, and firing at the range, I'm not familiar with more stable positions, so we were firing double-arms up, cross-body or straight on. The shake made it nigh impossible for me to have any kind of sight alignment. :wiggle:wiggle:wiggle:

But, we had fun. I shot off probably 150 rounds today and my wife and son about 50 and 100 each. I took them each separately to keep my sanity. It's nice that the range is so close by.

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