November 14, 2009

My New Body

Those of you who know me know that since the end of July, I have been working out, going to the gym on an almost daily basis (6 times a week most weeks) and have been burning down some serious calories. However, most of the people that I know don't see me very often, if at all. I'd like to make the change a little more real to them. I have lost 5 inches on my waist. I have lost close to 30 pounds. My body shape has turned upside down from a beer bellied old man to a triangle-shaped middle-aged guy. I was just looking in the mirror, and I am having a hard time getting over myself.

For those of you who don't know me - this is a big deal. I haven't been under 200 pounds since 17 years ago. I intend to tip the scale at under 200 this week. How did I do it? I'll tell you my secret. No, it's not acai berries. No, it's not Scardsdale, Atkins or South Beach. It was just that I DECIDED TO DO IT. I COMMITTED TO IT AND I STUCK WITH IT. You can do it too. A good buddy of mine told me that there's three ways to lose weight - eat less, move more or both. Am I eating less? Yes - but not how you'd think. I've had three slices of pumpkin pie this week. I've snacked on M&Ms. In fact, I am eating less, but only because I'm paying attention to what I'm putting in my mouth. I don't sit and idly eat a canister of cashews while I'm at work. I've replaced mindless snacking with conscious eating. When I eat, I pay attention to what I'm doing.

Am I moving more? You betcha - I joined a gym, and I track my workouts and my calories burned on the treadmill. I burn down about 20 ice-cream sundaes a month according to my logs. 30 minutes a day of cardio, and then another 30 or more of weight lifting.

If you REALLY want to lose weight - here's a free diet plan for you. EAT LESS, MOVE MORE - 3500 calories per pound - the math isn't that hard, and the first 10 pounds are easy as hell. Drink lots of water...and enjoy a new you.

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