November 11, 2009

More About the Crime and Punishment Museum

They had two police simulators there - one was a driving simulator where you get to pull someone over, and end up crashing your patrol cruiser into their car instead. Making turns at high speeds, it's easy to get out of control. The simulator gives you this wierd feeling of vertigo as it has three big screens, and when you brake, the screen dips with the slowing of the car, so you feel like you're moving, but your inner ear is saying 'what the hell?' the whole time.

The other simulator was more interesting. It was a simulator of a police tactical raid on a residence, where you're part of a tactical team and you need to watch out for the bad guy with the weapon trained on you, and take them out. As the raid proceeds on this wall-sized projection, your body starts to believe the simulation. The lighting is just right and the camera movement is very natural as you get into the move and clear rhythm of the tactical team. As I held the pistol out, I could physically feel my body beginning to pump out extra adrenaline. It was a very tense minute or two until the ending, when my wife and I took out the bad guy at the end. Both of us tagged the bad guy with a double-tap, but I guess I squeezed off a third round that I missed with. I honestly don't remember pulling that trigger a third time - the adrenaline was definitely messing with my perceptions.

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