November 14, 2009

Fun Day with Junior

We started off at the small arms range. We rented a 9mm and fired off 100 rounds of ammo at 15 and 22 yards. Only one silhouette miss in the 2 boxes of ammo. At 22 yards, I don't see how or why I would be using a pistol to shoot someone at that range. If someone is that far away from me, I'd be more interested in breaking off contact than trying to hit them with a pistol round. Although I haven't made a decision on whether I want to break down and buy a pistol, it was a great deal of fun hitting the targets today. If I do want to keep shooting, it might be less expensive to have my own firearm, though - at $10 for the rental and having to buy ammo from the gunshop at $20.+ a box, I could probably save some bucks if I'm going to make a habit of the range. Of course, then I also need a gun safe for the house....but I could get a gun I like - pros/cons, etc...

Then off to lunch at Johnny Rockets, where I had a burger and fries - and my son had a big old double. The waitress drew little smiley faces in the ketchup trays she handed to us, and lunch was very filling and came in under $20 for both of us. We stopped at the movie theater, but there really was nothing that we 'had' to see enough to justify the price of the ticket.

From there we went shopping for some simple consumer goods at a local conglomerate. I bought some cheap DVDs and a new belt.

Then we went to my FAVORITE place - the bookstore. We bought some books and a magazine (with a DVD in it) and one of those Entertainment coupon books. I'm looking forward to reading Hakin9 magazine, as I've never seen it before and it looks interesting. One of the books we got was a history of guns, one of those big books that are always on sale. My son is upstairs devouring that one and a big Astronomy book. On the way home he told me he wants to take Astronomy instead of Physics for his senior year - even after I told him he'd still be learning physics, he still seemed genuinely interested in taking the alternative course. I'm actually pretty happy about him being interested in a hard science.

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