November 16, 2009

Virtual Labs and Virtual PC

I had Virtual PC 2007 up and running for my lab PC at home, and it's been quite a while since I've used it. Over the weekend, I logged onto Microsoft's site and see that the current version of Virtual PC is only supported for Windows 7 installs. Sigh, where does the time go? It was only yesterday when I upgraded the family server to WinXP Pro. Of course, my mutifunction printer probably won't have compatible drivers again, leading me down the whole equipment upgrade path.

I've considered using VirtualBox instead but recall some networking issue from the last time. I also have to find a distro to play with, as Im pretty sure I havent kept the lab VM up to date. There's about 10 different projects I want to work on, some graphical, some not.

Well, just rambling on..nothing to read here.

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