November 10, 2009

All day orientation

It's going to be a long day at work today. I have an all day Orientation briefing. With the sleep debt built up from Sunday, I'm going to have a hard time staying awake. It might take some caffeine, or even standing in the back of the room. I'm not sure of the benefits of 4 hour briefings to cover material that has already been learned though being on the job. Different people learn in different ways, and long meetings just chew up productive time to attempt to teach at a slow pace. I much prefer high-speed information delivery at a pace I can control, like CBTs. The only use for in-person training is when we have a two-way street with the instructor.


Star said...

I always felt that orientations, and like training sessions, are just so there is proof that you were so instructed. You cannot claim ignorance of a subject if you were in the room. Unless you want to admit that you were texting while they were talking.

Rich Gautier said...

Yes, legal proof that you were bored to tears at time x on day y.